Hanging Single

Minaret HandBlown Glass Hanging Lamps

HandBlown Clear Glass Hangings. *Last Six Piece!*Glass globe 4'' diameter by 34" height with chain. ..

Minaret Hanging MHL3

12 " H by 6 " W Glass.  Available Colors : Blue, White, Green, Amber , Red And Multi Colors...

Mosaic Hanging Lamps 14"

Glass globe 14'' diameter by 37" height with chain. 8 ft cord with switch. Regular size light bulb. ..

Mosaic Hanging Lamps 5"

HL5 hanging lamps. 5" globe. Assorted Colors .Included Light Bulb...

Mosaic Hanging Lamps 6"

HL6 hanging lamps. 6" globe. Assorted Colors .Included Light Bulb...

Mosaic Hanging Pendants HP

HP Hanging Pendant HPSize : 9" H x 4" W glass. With Chain 27" H.Available Colors White, Blue, r..

Mosaic Pendant HP4

HP4 hanging pendants. 4"  W globe x 21" H. Minimum 6Assorted Colors and designs. Included Light..

Tiffany Hanging

12" D Glass by 8 " H Hand Made Glass with 8 Feet Cord.  Available Colors White, amber, blue and..

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