Special Deals

Special Deals

Special Deals

Green Lace Trivets

LGRTHand Painted Lace Trivets 7" Wide. Minimum 12 Pieces. *Limited*Each of them is prepared, made an..

Lace Bowl 3" *MONSTER BOX*

CB3LM  Monster Box  *BEST BUY VALUE*HandPainted Ceramic Bowls. 3" diameter by 1 1/2" depth..

CB3 1/2 mini bowls

CB3 1/2 mini bowlsSelection comes as assorted colors and designsHANDMADE - These ethnic ceramic bowl..

CB3 Solid Blue Bowls Discontinued Style

CB3 Blue BowlsComes 60 Pieces.  HANDMADE - These ethnic ceramic bowls are handcrafted. You..

CB6 Turquoise Bowls

CB6 Turquoise BowlsLimited Quantity Available. HANDMADE - These ethnic ceramic bowls are handcr..

Iznik Round Trivets

IRTRHand Painted Lace Trivets 6" 1/2 Wide. Minimum 12 Pieces. *Limited*Each of them is prepared, mad..

N. Garden Bowl 3" *MONSTER BOX*

CB3G  *BEST BUY VALUE* HandPainted Ceramic Bowls.3" diameter by 1 1/2" depth. Selection co..

CB5 1/2 Lace Discontinued Size Bowls

CBL5 1/2  Lace BowlLimited Quantity Available. Assorted Colors and designs.HANDMADE - These eth..

CB5/6 Fish Bowls Mix Discontinued Style.

CB5/6 Fish Bowls *case*HANDMADE - These ethnic ceramic bowls are handcrafted. You can feel the authe..

Relief Mugs

CMHandPainted Ceramic Mugs.3" diameter by 4" depth. Selection comes as assorted colors. Minimum 12 p..

CB6 Purple Bowls

CB6 Purple Bowls   Limited Quantity Available.HANDMADE - These ethnic ceramic bowls a..

Mosaic Hanging Lamps 14"

Glass globe 14'' diameter by 37" height with chain. 8 ft cord with switch. Regular size light bulb. ..

Special Iznik Deep Bowls 16"

CDB16Hand Painted Ceramic Bowls. Size 16" diameter x 3" 1/2 Deep.No Minimum.Comes Assorted colors an..

Minaret HandBlown Glass Hanging Lamps

HandBlown Clear Glass Hangings. *Last Six Piece!*Glass globe 4'' diameter by 34" height with chain. ..

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