Freight Damage

Freight Damage Policy and Reporting.

 Concealed Damage (within 7 days after delivery) – In the event of concealed damage (goods found damaged in otherwise intact packaging), you must immediately document and photograph the packaging and the damage. You must keep the packaging. Call to report the problem, then email the photos and document the damage with Natto*usa. If we prepaid the freight with the carrier, we will begin the concealed damage claim. Concealed damage claims must be reported to Nattousa within 7 calendar days. Remember, at this point, you signed the BOL free and clear, or possibly “subject to count and inspection” so the sooner you can inspect the goods and report any concealed damage, the better the chances of collecting on the claim. Claims not reported within 7 calendar days may not be honored. Further measures that may help in the claim process includes the following: 1. Take photographs of the damaged goods while still on the carrier’s truck, if obvious mis-handling is evident. Send the photos to your Natto*usa Customer Service person, or email them to  Keep a copy of the BOL noting the damage with the driver’s signature. 4. Keep all crating and packaging material with the damaged item(s) for inspection by the company’s claim inspector until told by Natto*usa or the carrier to return or dispose of the item(s). 5. Claims not reported within 7 calendar days may not be honored. There are many things that can happen to goods between the time they leave the factory and arrive at your receiving dock. Therefore we are asking you to do a very small, but critically important amount of work to protect us both. The Bill of Lading (BOL) or freight bill is our only documentation of the condition of a load when it arrives at your place of business or jobsite. Without this proof, we cannot hold others accountable for damaged or missing items.